A look at COVID-19 protocols in the workplace

Companies are compelled to begin the process to prepare both the workplace and workforce to return to work post the lockdown period. Failure to effectively plan in this regard will have disastrous consequences for companies as organisational outbreaks threaten the business continuity in the context of an already fragile economy.

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Join us on 23rd June 2021 from 10-11am to discuss COVID-19 protocols in the workplace

What you will Learn

In the context of increasing infection numbers, hospital admissions and deaths we are definitely within what is being referred to as the third wave. This webinar is a good opportunity for corporates to:
Reflect and be reminded of the different risks relating to COVID-19 in the workplace
How to identify these risks
How to mitigate against these risks
Learn about effective strategies to put in place
Discover the services that we have found to be effective in our customer base over the past 18 months

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 to unpack these and some of the myths and misconceptions around COVID-19 as we approach what is being referred to as the third wave in South Africa.


Speaker: Dr Jedd Myers

Health Impact CEO

A qualified medical doctor, entrepreneur, executive and investor. After graduating from Wits Medical School, Jedd made the move into the commercial world of healthcare with a passion to deliver large scaled health care initiatives that would have an impact on hundreds of thousands of lives. His healthcare background, formal training, commercial insights and exposure to multiple healthcare systems are key in the realization of this strategy.

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